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Laminate floors, also referred to as ‘floating floors’ because of their particular installation, are manufactured through a wondrous process that involves fusing of layers at high temperatures of about 300 F. The fusion process is known as lamination – this kind of flooring offers an advantage since water does not warp the laminated wood as quickly as it could distort natural wood floors. In many cases, the floor is installed over a sub-floor and on top of a layer which supports the floor. This sublayer usually comprises a particular kind of foam or even a film which allows the floor to float on top, without the need of nails, glues or anything else

Price of Laminate Flooring

Most consumers begin to learn about laminate due its affordability. The way laminate flooring is made makes it less expensive than other types of flooring, but the materials are engineered to give lasting durability and strength. The price benefits of laminate flooring give you a realistic hardwood or tile look,


Durability is a huge advantage of laminate flooring. With an aluminum oxide top coating, laminate flooring holds up to scratches, dents, fading and stains. The construction of laminate flooring is not only cost effective, but it’s been engineered to have these advances for busy households and pets.


One of the best benefits of laminate flooring is the variety of attractive styles. Laminate is made using a high-definition printer that creates almost any realistic design you can dream of. From hardwood designs to tile décor, laminate is available in a variety of colors and styles, not to mention a variety of textures.

Ease of Installation

Homeowners love laminate flooring because they can save thousands of rupees on installation costs. With the tongue and groove locking systems, laminate flooring is designed for an easy floating installation.

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